Success With Succulents

Success With Succulents is an exciting DVD that shows you how to easily grow succulent plants.

Succulent plants are among the easiest plants to propagate and grow, and thus make excellent projects for both beginning and advanced gardeners. This DVD, Success With Succulents, will show gardeners of all levels everything you need to grow succulent plants, indoors or out.

In addition to their ease of care, succulents appeal to us because they are so different from most other plants in our world. In other words, many of them are beautiful in their strangeness.

Success With Succulents was designed to give viewers a look at the huge variety of fascinating succulent plants and to spark their interest in growing and propagating these interesting plants.

You will learn about:

• how to easily make your own succulent soil and potting media;
• watering both indoor and outdoor succulent plants;
• how to select suitable containers;
• how to properly plant your succulents for long-term success;
• fertilizers for succulents;
• temperature requirements;
• the key methods of propagating succulents. (Most are very easy to do.);
• what differentiates a succulent from a cactus;
• and much more.

Everything necessary to successfully select, grow, pot and propagate succulents is clearly explained and illustrated.

Let’s clarify something – all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Some people prefer the spiny cacti, which exist in incredible variety. Some people call these the “pokey” kind. Others are drawn to the softer, sometimes stranger looking succulents. Many people collect both. Although their requirements are similar, we decided to separate them into two videos – Those Captivating Cacti and Success With Succulents. (We recommend you get both at a substantial discount, as you’ll see below.)

Both of these videos were produced to give a solid foundation in caring for these wonderful plants. The technical advisor on this program is Daniel Lassanske, professor of horticulture at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He is widely recognized and admired for his knowledge of growing succulents, as well as his dedication to horticultural education.

Success With Succulents and Those Captivating Cacti are ideal for individuals, schools, libraries, horticulture clubs and organizations who deal with these wonderful plants.


Your complete satisfaction is GUARANTEED! The producers of this video enjoyed being around these plants so much that we’ve started our own cacti and succulent collection. We are sure you will enjoy the DVDs and fully expect that you will soon have an expanding collection of beautiful, easy-to-care-for cacti and succulents. We’re so certain you’ll love them that you get a full 30 days to look them over and see if they meet your expectations. If you don’t like ’em, send ’em back. No hard feelings. Now you can’t beat that, can you? So order now.

Closed captioned. 23 minutes.

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